Wholesale : we  wholesale  to retail, biological, osteological and related outlets,  illustrated keys to skulls and skeletons were applicable are not a condition of the sale, enquires welcomed.

Skulls, Skeleton and Bone Cleaning, Service. (NZ Only)

SDU offers custom animal skull, and skeleton cleaning, along with articulation and restoration work of a quality equal to the finest offered through out the world.

Our cleaning process uses Dermantis beetles, 24 hours vapour phase degreasing followed by bleaching with hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, resulting in white degreased, odourless bone.


Conditions or Acceptance. Prior to accepting animal materials for cleaning, articulation etc., SDU will need to be of the knowledge that the animal materials supplied have been deep frozen, state of decay, possible physically damage  if physical damaged is determined  during the process, work will be ceased and owner  notified and determined as to the possibility repairs and any additional cost that may be incured.   Befor SDU is accepting of animal material from supplier, the supplier will receive a full written quote that includes GST, packaging.and Courier cost. Accepted quotes carry a 50% deposit befor work is to commence.

Delivery of animal materials (frozen) to SDU is your responsibility.


 Endangered/protected NZ fauna  for cleaning/preparation/restoration is acceptable only after consultation and the issuing of appropriate permits by the Director General for the Department of Conservation, (DOC) this being received with the speciemen or e mailed prior to  receiving the specimens.


 Endangered/protected fauna. Unsolicited fauna recived by SDU will be immediately turned over to the Department of Conservation.


Skull and Skeleton Quality specimens offered are of a quality that equates to the finest preparation both in, and outside of museums thought-out the world. Preserving details in specimens is obtained by the use of Dermastis beetles, to remove all tissue followed by a 24 hour vapour phase degreasing bath using “1,1,1-Trichloroethane”, then bleaching with hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.


Quality and Definitions



Quality skulls/skeletons : offered are classified as being First and Seconds.

Firsts : Skull/Skeletons offered are the best, anatomically complete, as are the teeth, in perfect condition. All skulls and skeletons come from feral stock carry natural and minor interesting imperfections that are to be found in all living species, these imperfections are considered to be part of top quality teaching and display materials.


Seconds : Quality such that there will be a little physical damage and loss of a few teeth.

Quality teaching materials that allows for handling and displaying.


NOTE: All skulls and skeletons offered by SDU are sourced from within NZ being neither protected  nor CITES listed, and have been legitimately obtained as by-products from meat processors, Pest Destruction Boards and/or their agents. SDU assumes that when you order materials, you are legally able to posses the materials according to the laws of your state or country.

If you order materials that are contrary to the laws of your state or country, SDU accepts no responsibility or liability for your act of purchasing such materials as supplied by SDU. If you are in doubt as to your country's law, check before ordering.


Unlisted materials : if there are any requirements you may have for related/unrelated materials, then drop us a line and see if we are able to help out.

Feel free to contact us and discuss any potential requirements you may have.


Display Cases.  Can be fabricate for your spciemens if required, perspex is used in the display cases and comes in two thicknesses,

3 and 6 mm.


Skull Weight : is the average weight of 10 skulls.
Skull Length : is the average length of 10 skulls, measured from the most posterior part, to the most anterior part of the skull.
Origin :            New Zealand.

Skull Weight : is the average weight of 10 skulls.
Skull Length : is the average length of 10 skulls, measured from the anterort of the posterior.