Terms and Conditions


Prices.  Quoted are in New Zealand (NZ) dollars and exclusuve of GST. Prices remained fixed until 1st December 2016.


Goods and Service Tax (GST).  A 15% must be added to all purchases made in and by NZ residents.  International orders are not subject to GST while International visitors  may on leaving NZ reclaim the GST portion of their purchase, application form are available through the NZ Customs at their port of exit. 


To Order.  You can e mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or phone (64 4 385 6773) your order along with any special instructions and providing your full name, address, Phone # and e-mail contact.


Shipping NZ.  Animal/fish/birds skulls, bones and associated, materials (Bone materials) are as listed by the NZ Postal Service being deemed as prohibited materials for passage through their postal system leaving our materials to be posted via the local Courier company.  All order's carrying an RD address incur an additional $3.00 to the normal Courier costs. 


Payment NZ.  

(i) Cash at your risk.  (ii) Cheque, allow 7 days for clearance.(iii) Internet Banking, BNZ for Skulls Down Under Ltd. 02 0560 0267758 00. 


Shipping International.  SDU uses International Courier Companies unless otherwise instructed by an International client.


Payment International.  Use the Swift Code for the BNZ being: BK NZ NZ22. Branch.  Manner Street Wellington New Zealand adding 02 0560 0267758 00


Transit Damage, All bone materials leaving SDU facilities are inspected, packaged and sealed to the highest of standards before being shipped out.  We are confident items order by you will be received in the same condition as they left our facilities..  Should there be any damage contact us immediately listing materials damaged and any visible damage to the packaging.  Claims filed later than 10 days your receiving the materials will be considered as invalid  .


International Returns.  Damaged bone materials are not to be returned to NZ with out first contacting and consulting with SDU.


International Border Cost.  Entry of  bone materials from NZ to International clients may/can incur cost at their border's, you as the importing agent are responsible for such costs.  Check with your countries Border Sercurities Customs for any potential import costs and other Infra cost, ie., Value Added or StateTaxs.  SDU accepts no liability or responsibilities for such cost or expenses you may incur at your borders.


International Importing of Osteological Speciemens. Outside of Cities listed specimens International communities vary in their protection of certain specimens within their border, for what is freely and readily available as non protected species within NZ may not apply to your country.  Before ordering bone materials from SDU check with your Countries/State list for restricted species imports before ordering.  SDU accepts neither responsibility or liabilities for losses (confiscation, destruction) both finnacial and of materials and other infra costs the importer may/will occuring during interception of the importers materials. 


Health and Safety. All bone materials originating from animal sources upon entering the facilities of SDU are held for 72 hours at minus 20 degree celsius after which they are thawed, then major portions of tissue removed surgically with the remaining tissue being removed removed via the services of Dermatis beetle's, bone materials are then subject to a degreasing process lasting 24 hours in which the bone materials are subject to constant rain of organic degreasing fluid maintained at a temperature of 87 degree's celsius, this removes all oils, waxs and fats from the bone ensure they do not discolour, create odours and/or support future fungal growth this is followed by bone materials being subject to bleaching using Hydrogen peroxide and ammomia.   These processes ensuring bone materials remains white and odourless for a lifetime.  Bones are bleached using hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.

The above processes ensure all bone materials from SDU to be free of disease, tissue, waxes, oils greases and fats, leaving you with  bleached white, ordourless white bones.lasting a life time.


Health and Safety Considerations. All bones materials being a natural product and Osteological correct in all details carry structure(sharp points, teeth and other potentially cutting edges) that have the potential to bring about personal injury if incorrectly handle.  The purchase of such bone materials from SDU indicates/implies you are of the knowledge for the potential of personal injury that you may bring upon yourself by incorrect handling of its bone materials.  SDU dose and will not accept any responsibility or liabilities for injuries brought upon yourself during the handling and examination of such bone materials.