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Skulls Downunder Ltd (SDU) offers skulls, skeletons both articulated and disarticulated of fish, birds and vertebrae all of which are sourced from within New Zealand (NZ) and prepared to a quality that equates to the finest  throughout the world. 


SDU offers a cleaning, degreasing, bleaching, repair, and reconstruction, service for fish, bird and vertabrae skulls,skeleton located from within NZ.  


All inquries pertaining to products and services may be obtained by  phoning myself, "George" at SDU . 64 4 385 6773 or writing via our Contact Us Page.


Payment, NZ Clients Internet Banking, cheque, allow 7 days for clearance, cash, your risk. Details located on our Terms and Conditions page 


Payment. International Clients use our Bank of NZ Swift Code -  detailed information available on our Terms and Conditions page.